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We have a full team trained and dedicated specifically to sampling each year. This helps us to have consistent and regular results that you can rely on, giving you and our crop consultant the necessary information to build a fertilizer blend to meet the needs of the crop. We use several different labs for petiole and soil testing, depending on the timeline, crop, and application. These include Stukenholtz, Texas Plant and Soils Lab, Solumetrix, Western Laboratories, among others.

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Drone Imagery

Have you ever wondered if you have the right sprinkler package? Have you missed catching some early blight in your field?


Our certified drone pilot can provide high resolution RGB and NDVI imagery to help identify disease, insect, and weed pressure. Other analytics available are crop height and uniformity measurements, stand counts, as well as volumetric measurements for estimating things like silage pile tonnage.

State of the art equipment allows for quick, in-field analysis that can then be ground truthed. We can also create variable application maps from the imagery.

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